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Our clients are contractors, owners, project developers, joint ventures and legal advisors in the international engineering and construction industry

Our consultancy practice focuses on a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to addressing commercial & contractual challenges such as delay, disruption & financial claims, dispute avoidance & resolution, and expert witness appointments, whilst also providing opportunities to develop your teams’ capabilities and leadership in these areas

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We support the profitable and efficient delivery of your complex projects, through delivery of strategic consulting, and learning development


contracts & disputes

contracts & disputes

From project conception to close-out – Kingsfield provides contract, claims, risk, legal and project control support to assist you in delivering projects in a profitable and timely manner
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Kingsfield Academy

learning & development

learning & development

Building capability through innovative learning solutions for Project Practitioners, Leaders, Teams and Systems
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Recent work

Our clients are typically in the global industrial, oil & gas, power (traditional and renewables) sectors – and are looking for expert-led, value driven, effective solutions in improving their project margins

Kingsfield Consulting - Industrial Contracts

Fertilizer Plant Revamp - Jordan

Dispute avoidance & settlement services

Industrial Smelter Plant

Smelter Plant - Saudi Arabia

Head & subcontract claims

Contract & risk management
Oil, gas & petrochemical

Grassroots petrochemical refinery - Vietnam

Contract & risk management

Kingsfield Consulting - Oil, gas and petrochemical
Oil, gas & petrochemical

LNG terminal expansion - Netherlands

Root cause & schedule impact entitlement

Power Renewables Poland power plant
Power & Renewables

CCGT Power Plant - Poland

Expert report & testimony in project management

Power renewables solar plant South Africa
Power & renewables

CSP Solar Plant - South Africa

Cold eyes review leading to delay & disruption analysis

Learning & development
Learning & development

Tier 1 EPC Contractor Global

Advanced Commercial Project Management Development Global Tier 1 EPC Contractor Award winning program delivered globally to 460 project managers

Elearning – EPC Contract & Risk Essentials, Schedule Delay Analysis
Learning & Development

Pre and Post Contract Risk & Commercial Management - Global gas investor & supplier

Module – Project Execution Academy

learning and development
Learning & Development

Elearning – EPC Contract & Risk Essentials, Schedule Delay Analysis - Multiple contractor organisations

Online & self directed learning for professional development


Our Clients Say…

“You were the last to join to the team but you have become one of the key pieces with your hard work, your fresh approach and your excellent reports. Thank you!”

Arbitration . Project Management Expert Witness

“I took the e‐training provided by Kingsfield Academy. […] Explanations are clear and concise, supported by examples as required. I am convinced that it can help project management professionals to always keep in mind the “golden rules” of schedule management and thus set solid grounds for any SDA required during their project.”

French Project Director . Schedule Delay Analysis . Elearning

“This is to inform you that [the Client] has made the settlement payment and money is already on our account. Thank you for your support during the process, good job!”

Settlement of Major Claim & Dispute . East European Large Equipment Manufacturer & Vendor

“Congrats on winning the Innovation in Learning Award – the program was good I have to say…. particularly appreciated all the practical tools and knowledge provided……very strong coaches – brilliant…….appreciate the methodology and involvement of all participants and its vicinity to [our] practices…”

Award Winning Commercial Project Management Program . Global EPC Contractor

“We just signed the settlement agreement with [the Client] which closes the project.
I take this opportunity to thank all the participants for the efforts made during this last year to bring us where we are today and your involvement in finding a positive outcome for [our company]”

Negotiated Settlement of Major Dispute . VP Mining & Metallurgy . Global Contractor

“[The Workshop] dramatically increased my contract/claims knowledge. I am much more aware of the implications of my actions on the company commercially.”

Contract & Claim Management Training . British-American Engineering Contractor

“As a member of the ECI, Kingsfield International has always contributed positively and generously in the sharing and development of knowledge, processes and techniques. Your company is an acknowledged leader and its continuing involvement in ECI activities is valued by the Executive and other member companies”

Network Partner . ECI European Construction Institute

“Kingsfield International has been part of several project performed by our company all over the world. They brought their support and expertise all along the contract discussion, from negotiation to execution. They contribute in settle the dispute arising during the course of project and support us during the final settlement with the clients.”

Business unit head . Global EPC Contractor . Disputes