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Tel: +44 1932 340140 Email: kci@kingsfieldconsulting.com

About Us

How well do you confront the challenges and risks of complex projects?

Are you a learning organisation? Do you target continual improvement of your people, project teams and systems?

Kingsfield works with contractors at all levels of their international engineering and construction business to achieve strategic solutions for
the profitable delivery of complex projects
and the development of their people,
teams and systems.

We work with…

to confront and manage
project challenges; improve skills and competencies; develop leadership; adapt to change; operate across cultures
to achieve high performance and successful results; become aligned and cohesive; develop their potential; build greater connectivity
to create the right culture and support for people and project teams to prosper; enact their values;implement effective systems and procedures

with owners, partners and subcontractors to build sustainable relationships by performance, common goals, assertiveness and collaboration