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Our Approach

Our consulting philosophy goes well beyond the conventional consultant-as-expert model which claims that anybody but you can be the expert in your business.

All major projects face similar challenges, but every critical project situation has its own particular problems. In every assignment we therefore ask anew: What is needed here? How can we best help this client in this situation? Are there circumstances our client is perhaps not recognising?

We start with where you are, we work with what is available, we do as much as is needed and will go the extra mile for you if it advances your case. What we are trying to avoid is to create a work product that is “perfect” for its own sake, but is unlikely to deliver the necessary outcomes in your particular situation.

In our consulting practice we are therefore guided by many decades of industry experience, a resulting “hands-on” pragmatism, a willingness to be straight with our clients and our desire – for ourselves and for you – to continually learn and improve.