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Avoid your project becoming another statistic…Kingsfield’s short and sharp risk & opportunity review

In this current climate of uncertainty, tight margins and challenging deadlines, how do you avoid your projects from becoming another statistic?  The accumulating research suggests that typically two thirds of projects suffer cost overruns, three quarters are delivered late, and many have ongoing performance and quality issues.  Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the disastrous consequences of failing projects on the longevity of some of our biggest contractors – many who were deemed to be too big to fail…

Our business at Kingsfield is to assess the health of projects which are often in some distress, quickly get to the root causes of delays or cost overruns, and to suggest pragmatic solutions for the risks and opportunities that we find.  The earlier in the project’s life we can do this, the more effective we can be.  We work with your project team in a no-blame environment to leverage their considerable knowledge of their project – and, based on our years of experience, we are able to quickly and cost effectively provide you with our independent assessment.  We can do this ‘Risk and Opportunity Review’ within a week and for a cost of less than a small change order. Details of this Review are in the attached flyer.

If you have a challenging project or if you are looking for opportunities to maximise your project’s profitability, please get in touch with us for a confidential discussion.