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Here we share our thoughts and ideas about our industry, examples of good (and poor) practice, innovative ideas and other matters which we hope may be of interest to you

4D Planning – An Opportunity to Visualise your Project Schedule

David Tyerman, 17 April 2018

Imagine the possibilities and benefits of making your project schedule visible to the full project team in a 3D format. Everybody would be able to see the build sequences; to anticipate interfaces and conflicts of resources and equipment; and to rehearse optimal installation sequences when time constraints are tight. These are just a few of the opportunities afforded by the introduction of 4D planning. Read more here…alternatively if you would like to read this in SpanishRead More

Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Major Projects: Dynamic Time Modelling, 2nd Edition

David Tyerman, 16 March 2018

There is a clue in the title and on the cover of the newly released second edition of the CIOB’s Guide to the focus and direction of effective project scheduling, planning and controls. “Dynamic Time Modelling” is a reference to both the very essence of the management of schedule risk, and the need to embrace new technologies such as 4D / 4D BIM modelling. As with the first edition, the second edition Guide is designed to be adopted as general good practice, without consideration of any contractually specific constraints.Read More

Contractor consolidation leads to improved efficiency?

Martin Barth, 12 December 2017

The following blog reflects on an article contained in the Oil & Gas Journal (6 November 2017) entitled “Existential crisis drives EPC consolidation” by Matt Zborowski.

The consequences of the low oil price continues to affect investment in new projects by the oil and gas majors and consequently the construction market for equipment suppliers/EPC contractors. The oil majors (including NOCs) have seen their income reduced over the past few years, thereby reducing the CAPEX sums available for new projects and delaying others.
Read More

Pull your finger out and plug the holes!!

Carl Haynes 2 October 2017

As the Dutch legend goes, there was once a young boy named Hans Brinker who, whilst on his way to school, happened upon a small leak in a dike nearby the city of Haarlem. Spotting the imminent danger to the city should the dike fail the boy reacted by plugging the hole with his finger. There he remained for many hours until he was spotted by a passing citizen who raised the alarm. The dike was repaired and Hans Brinker became a hero.Read More

Be prepared for war? Or – Build effective relationships?

John Fotherby, 9 March 2017

I was interested to read an article in a recent MEED Business Review entitled Be prepared for war and in particular the statement “…The majority of construction disputes are caused by poor contract administration…”. This is not my experience in dealing with countless disputes and arbitrations in the engineering & construction industry for more than 45 years – I have yet to come across a dispute caused by poor contract management and administration. Read More

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