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Here we share our thoughts and ideas about our industry, examples of good (and poor) practice, innovative ideas and other matters which we hope may be of interest to you

The CPSL – What Does the Critical Path Mean to You?

David Tyerman, 7 June 2018

As fascinating a subject as critical path analysis is, I wonder just how well the concept translates into real significance during the execution of your project, in other words, just how important is the critical path to those assigned with responsibility for the various work packages? I was fascinated then to read an account of critical path work execution in the world of Elon Musk. Perhaps you’ve heard of his exploits sending rockets into space for a fraction of cost of more established organisations (with increased payloads too), or perhaps you are familiar with one or more of his renewable energy projects such as Tesla or Solar City? His business ambitions seem to have no constraints, and neither it seems does his attitude towards how others should be focused towards their given objectives.Read More

Contractor Compliance with Notification Requirements of Contracts

Martin Barth, 22 May 2018

Over the years Kingsfield has been tasked many times to examine and support a contractor’s position towards a client relating to claims made and/or identified changes to a project. The contractor believes, whether a claim or a change, that it has an entitlement to an increase to the contract price and/or an award of an extension of time to the project schedule, resulting from the changed circumstances incurred on a project.Read More

Digital Learning for the International Engineering & Construction Industry – What are the Challenges?

Gabriele Burian, 9 May 2018

“We know the future is going to be digital. We also know it’s going to be challenging.” This statement was made by Diana Laurillard, a prominent UK educator, with reference to the field of online learning. But many of us will be able to relate to her words as we consider the rapid progression of artificial intelligence, automation, industry 4.0, etc. in our jobs and lives.Read More

4D Planning – An Opportunity to Visualise your Project Schedule

David Tyerman, 17 April 2018

Imagine the possibilities and benefits of making your project schedule visible to the full project team in a 3D format. Everybody would be able to see the build sequences; to anticipate interfaces and conflicts of resources and equipment; and to rehearse optimal installation sequences when time constraints are tight. These are just a few of the opportunities afforded by the introduction of 4D planning. Read more here…alternatively if you would like to read this in SpanishRead More

Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Major Projects: Dynamic Time Modelling, 2nd Edition

David Tyerman, 16 March 2018

There is a clue in the title and on the cover of the newly released second edition of the CIOB’s Guide to the focus and direction of effective project scheduling, planning and controls. “Dynamic Time Modelling” is a reference to both the very essence of the management of schedule risk, and the need to embrace new technologies such as 4D / 4D BIM modelling. As with the first edition, the second edition Guide is designed to be adopted as general good practice, without consideration of any contractually specific constraints.Read More

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