Looking back on our first 6 months of delivering the “Foundations in Commercial Awareness” ECITB approved course we thought it might be useful to share with you some of our key observations arising across all the events so far.

#1 Changes are not managed effectively
Changes occur in the planned scope of work and often in the engineering phase. Many of these Changes go undetected and hence unrecorded making it difficult to recover any time or cost under the contract. People can only detect Changes if they a. identify a Change when confronted with one, and b. know what constitutes a Change within the terms of the contract.

#2 Know what it says in the Contract
“Do what you get paid for and get paid for what you do”. Your teams can best achieve this by being aware of the various parts of the contract for which they are responsible for delivering work within. This is not only good practice for understanding the scope of work required but it also introduces your team to the contract in a professional development sense. Effective contract management is a team sport so instil this in your teams.

#3 Understand the differing stakeholder perspectives
Acknowledging all of the stakeholders within a project, their differing needs and interests, and how the relationship between the stakeholders is essential to achieving the successful completion of the project. In addition to this we also need to understand what is influencing these stakeholder needs and interests. In doing so we are best able to anticipate how our own actions and behaviours may be received by any given stakeholder and therefore determine strategies for mitigating or dealing with these as appropriate.

#4 Creating the conditions for learning
The course leads to countless other discussions that arise out of, (and sometimes in addition to) the subjects listed in the ECITB training standard. These are the “golden eggs” of face to face training. The delegates who attend come with their own histories, personalities, opinions, questions and issues which means that no two deliveries are the same. Questions emerge, conversations ensue and the learning takes place where the learners need it to. In our training designs we must, and always do, create ‘spaces’ where these discussions can take place, Shifting the emphasis from ‘us teaching you’ to ‘us learning together’.

“Foundations in Commercial Awareness” is a one-day ECITB approved course that is available as an in-house delivered course or as a public course. See our Events page for further details on public course dates. If you are interested in an in-house delivery or for further information on this course then contact carl.haynes@kingsfieldconsulting.com

Carl Haynes – Managing Consultant, Kingsfield Academy