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Kingsfield Consulting

Project Tendering

Our pre-contract services aim to ensure that project and business objectives are taken into account and incorporated during the tendering phase. The main focus is on managing risks ‘up front’ in order to minimise their impact during the project delivery phase.

Pre-Contract Support

Kingsfield strives to support its clients at the pre-contract stage through balancing the project risk and commercial reward, within a contractual framework and project plan that exploits strengths whilst minimising weaknesses. We strongly believe in addressing key project issues at a time when they can be dealt with most effectively – prior to contract. We support our clients through critiquing contracts being tendered, through the preparation of bespoke forms of contract, detailed risk analysis, tender preparation and more – all of which need to be consistent with achieving the strategic outcomes for the business.

Planning for Profit

We do not believe that projects make a profit by accident! In an environment of aggressively won contracts, where both the budget and schedule are under strain from the outset, we recommend that projects devise and implement a plan to deliver this profit – and revisit it as events unfold. We facilitate ‘Planning for Profit’ and ‘Planning for Risk’ workshops – for project leaders with emphasis on strategic scenario planning, and for project teams with focus on commercial and contractual risks and awareness. Both workshops benefit from Kingsfield’s dual role as experts in the field of project risk management and as project coaches and facilitators. Clients find that a short workshop is a small investment in the early stages of a project – with the potential to save millions.

Planning for Profit

Project Delivery

During the project delivery phase, we help our clients turn the plan into reality. We assist in managing change and conflict effectively, and help with appropriate interventions when a crisis develops.

Project Health Checks

In an environment where there is unrelenting pressure to execute a project to all the stakeholders’ expectations, where budgets and schedules are usually tight, and where you are not in control of all the component parts, it is wise to take time out to reflect on the project’s performance.

Kingsfield can ‘take the temperature’ of your project to provide an independent view of the project and its status, including commercial and contractual risk exposure. These provide the opportunity for the project teams to reflect on project performance, recognise areas of strength and identify where improvements are required to deliver the business objectives. Our experience shows that these short, cost effective checks which reap significant benefits as part of your early warning practice – when you still have time to take effective remedial action.

Project Health Checks Service Profile

Contract Management Support

Contract management is the process for managing change under the contract – whether time, cost, scope or quality. The purpose of contract management is to transform the performance obligations in the contract into reality. It is effective when the contractor does nothing more than contracted for and is paid for the work done – and therefore relies heavily on successful change management. Subcontractors are essential for most contractors to deliver their projects – thus effective contract management applies equally to subcontracts.

Kingsfield’s contract management services support our clients’ existing in-house functions – we prefer to coach, mentor, advise and support your teams rather than do the work for you – which has the benefit of being more cost effective and your team are learning.

Contract Management Support Service Profile

Change & Schedule Entitlement

No owner is going to hand over additional money or time for their project without the contractor demonstrating their entitlement. Without this fundamental pillar, we would question whether any major change or claim will be successful. Kingsfield specialises in the preparation of persuasive narratives and analysis on the root cause of change. Where needed, we also have a network of partners with whom we can collaborate to prepare delay analyses which adequately demonstrate entitlement and support to extensions of time submissions. The increasing complexity of projects suggests that getting this difficult analysis prepared by experts pays for itself by increasing the probability and magnitude of any recovery.

Change & Schedule Entitlement Service Profile

Project Recovery

Delays, cost overruns and subcontractors’ claims are now common features of EPC projects. Successful project delivery depends upon how these are managed. There is a need to maximise recovery from owners and minimise exposure to subcontractors. If successful project delivery is to be achieved these matters must be attended to as they occur and not left until the end of the project. With over 30 years’ experience in the management of claims Kingsfield is ideally positioned to support our clients in securing their entitlements towards their customers while respecting their need to maintain good business relationships and defending subcontractors’ claims without impairing their commitments to performance and completion. We achieve this by providing solutions that take into account the project specifics, the human element and our clients’ business objectives.

Critical Intervention

We recognise that crises occur on projects. At such times, it can be prudent to seek specialist help. We pride ourselves on being able to react to our clients’ emergency calls – because of our background (and our long standing relationships with many contractors), we are able to take stock of the situation quickly and help devise commercial interventions. Your teams may have never faced a particular crisis before – for us this is our normal course of business! Therefore we can be objective, balanced, and provide experienced guidance to guide the team through their difficulties.

Critical Intervention Service Profile

Case Appraisal & Strategic Recovery

Before you commit time and resources to prepare or defend a claim, do you even know that you have a case to make or defend, what that case might be or what the chances of success might be? We do not want to waste your time and money, therefore it often makes sense to carry out a Case Appraisal after which you will know whether you have a good case, what outcomes you may be able to expect, how long it will take and how much it will cost. These appraisals are high value but inexpensive interventions.

The effective resolution of cost overruns and delays under EPC contracts and the settlement of subcontractors’ claims on acceptable terms are unlikely without the development and implementation of appropriate strategies. Working with you, we help you to develop those strategies that are most likely to work for you in terms of getting to agreements with your customers or your subcontractors on conditions agreeable to you.

Case Appraisal Service Profile

Claims & Disputes

Claims – Attitudes to claims are changing. When we ask clients how they perceive claims, many see them as “…a means to secure contractual entitlement…” whereas others regard them as “…a necessary ‘evil’ as part of project delivery…” and others say they are “…an opportunity to make money…”. Whatever your attitude to claims happens to be, the crucial issue is to ensure that these are not only prepared properly and professionally but are sufficient and necessary to achieve the required price or schedule adjustment. Our aim is to assist you to produce a submission that provides a basis from which you can achieve your goals in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Disputes – Formal dispute resolution is costly, protracted and demands extensive senior management time. We therefore advocate resolving disputes through amicable negotiation. When this is not possible, we are able to support a wide range of dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation. We are also specialists in the provision of expert witness support for project management.

Claims & Disputes Service Profile