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Kingsfield Planning

4D Planning

4D Planning makes your project schedule visible to the full project team. The integration of a 3D CAD model with a project schedule means that everybody will be able to see the build sequences; to anticipate interfaces and conflicts of resources and equipment; and to rehearse optimal installation sequences when time constraints are tight. These are just a few of the opportunities afforded by the introduction of 4D planning.

Basic 4D Modelling

Kingsfield can quickly establish your 4D model so that you can communicate and navigate the data in a free viewer format. We can also provide ‘intelligent’ reports from your model.

Updating the model with progress is easy too. Simply send through the updated schedule or CAD data and we will quickly update the model. We will also be happy to attend site or your offices to assist with communicating the 4D model.

4D Project Controls Modelling

Through Kingsfield’s extensive project controls experience, we are able to adapt 4D models into your project reporting and schedule management systems and processes to provide a graphic reports of performance and risk.

Our objective is to develop a truly effective 4D modelling and project controls system that integrate with your current practices, whilst affording outstanding communication of project performance at all levels of your organisation.

4D Delay and Disruption Analysis

As experts in the analysis of schedule delay and disruption we understand just how difficult it is to communicate the impact of change. Comparing planned, actual and critical areas of the project, at any point through the project timeline, affords a real advantages and facilitates exploration of the contractual and contemporary facts.

Kingsfield is able to support your time related claim with intelligent 4D models that are designed to make clear the circumstances of delay and disruption.

Schedule Risk Assessment

Effective project planning starts with the evaluation of the best possible project delivery strategies, as balanced against an evaluation of schedule related risks. Unfortunately it is all too common for a schedule of work to be prepared without due consideration of project constraints and in isolation from key members of the project team.

Alignment of project stakeholders to the baseline schedule delivery strategy in a collaborative manner will significantly increase the probability of on-time completion and will also facilitate the deployment of more effective project management practices.

Kingsfield Planning is able to guide the assimilation of the project schedule in a controlled and deliberate manner such that your project is able to focus on reliable targets from day one.

Integrated Project Planning

It is all too common for the project schedule and associated project controls to be administered in isolation from key team members and organisations, with a resultant lack of focus, meaning and value.

The integration of the project controls across organisational and supply-chain boundaries will harness the potential of the schedule as an essential component of complex project success.

Kingsfield has significant experience in the development of value added planning and project controls practices that are able to afford your business a realistic chance of on-time project completion and the management of change.

Project Planning Assurance

The value of even some of the most effective project planning systems and practices will be diluted over time if not reviewed and adjusted to meet project and organisational demands. This is especially true when considered against project portfolios and geographically disparate projects.

Periodic governance and audit of project planning practices against defined standards will result in benefits derived from consistency of operations and elevation of quality through the transfer of best practices.

Kingsfield is able to provide an independent, expert and challenging audit and governance service that will result in the elevation of value derived from you project planning and controls practices.

Generating Planning Value

On too many occasions the project plan does nothing more than adorn the construction cabin wall and serves no other purposes save for period updates of progress between parties.

Re-positioning the schedule as a central and essential project management component will facilitate efficiencies of resource deployment, schedule risk management and change management. It will also elevate confidence levels across organisational boundaries and at senior management levels with regard to the communication and visibility of the actual project status.

Kingsfield has developed processes to facilitate the collaborate and effective adoption of the project programme as well as being able to fine tune the plan for specific periods of time intense resource dependant turnarounds. Our methodologies are focus on the derivation of tangible value from the investment made in the establishment, administration and management of the project plan.

Project Controls

Visibility of the actual project status and early identification of key schedule risks is paramount to effective project management intervention strategies. Unfortunately the project schedule is more often utilised as a means to retrospectively report progress only.

Accurate forecasting of work to complete based on current performance trends, together with the early identification of key resource and supply-chain restrictions will aid on-time delivery of your complex project.

Kingsfield’s range of tried and tested project controls strategies, which have been developed through our experience engaged through the currency of a range of complex projects, as well as through our experience considering matters of project delay and disruption, can each be adopted to your specific project demands.

Recovery and Acceleration Planning

Significant costs are associated with the recovery of schedule related delay, such costs typically being drawn-down against contingency funds or anticipated margin, with a resultant strain on resources and organisational strategies.

Kingsfield is able to independently ascertain both practical and contractual recovery strategies that will establish a baseline of performance together with an associated practical forward project delivery plan. Our aim is to elevate the significance of achieving key dates with key resources, whilst also communicating to relevant parties all associated cost, risk and interface implications.

The ascertainment of a collaborative, focused, practical and well thought out project schedule will often be the difference between project success and failure.

Forensic Delay Analysis

Contemporary analysis of project delay and disruption is hard, retrospective analysis is harder still. Only dedicated attention to contemporary detail will win favour with both clients and contractors alike. The rigors of managing complex projects however don’t lend themselves to efficient or effective change management practices and opportunities are often missed.

Kingsfield has developed a proven approach to the analysis and communication of project change which may be applied to your project either through the currency of the work or retrospectively for the compilation of a claim submission. We have also developed a unique approach to the analysis of project disruption.

Through clear and supported communication of the effects of delay and disruption to a planned schedule of work, Kingsfield is able to maximise your entitlement to additional time and associated costs.

Expert reports and testimony

It is essential that matters of expert opinion are developed and presented in accordance with accepted protocols, current legal trends and to the best possible standards of detail in order that they are able to withstand rigorous level of scrutiny under opposing advocacy.

Cross-examination of expert evidence often reveals flaws in methodology and facts to the ultimate detriment of a client’s position. The construction then of positive opinions based on sound and thorough understanding of the facts pertaining to the matters under dispute is the corner-stone of a successful expert opinion.

Kingsfield has significant levels of experience in providing expert evidence which is based on our well established methodologies, strategic approaches and expertise built upon over 30 years of business engaged in various capacities with complex projects across the world.