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Kingsfield – Improving project delivery

Kingsfield started life as a claims consultancy over 30 years ago. We’ve come a long way since then. Whilst we still help our clients with their claims, our belief is that all parties are much better served by being in the dispute avoidance business. When research shows that 2 out of every 3 megaprojects fail, our conclusion is that addressing the root causes of potential failure is the smart approach.

Kingsfield is a UK based consultancy that works exclusively with international EPC contractors engaged in projects for the energy and process plant sectors. Our services are specifically tailored and adapted to each of our clients to help them manage the commercial, contractual and schedule risks involved in delivering their projects and they cover all project phases from the bidding stage up to the final delivery.

Kingsfield has three complementary divisions through which we deliver our services.

Kingsfield Consulting supports teams in the delivery of profitable projects via a range of commercial, contract and risk management solutions

Kingsfield Planning delivers integrated project planning and controls solutions that reduce your schedule related risks for timely project delivery

Kingsfield Academy provides on-line and face to face learning, alignment and development programmes for project teams, individuals and organisations

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