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Project Tendering

Our pre-contract services aim to ensure that project and business objectives are taken into account and incorporated during the tendering phase. The main focus is on managing risks ‘up front’ in order to minimise their impact during the project delivery phase.

Smart Bidding

Successful project outcomes rely on clearly established objectives, an execution plan that enables those objectives to be met and clear benchmarks against which performance can be measured. It is during the tendering phase that key strategic decisions are made which make the difference between a project’s success or failure. Kingsfield can support the early development of a comprehensive strategy to deliver the business objectives, within the constraints of the tender and taking full cognisance of the project risks. Whether we are involved in risk apportionment within a joint venture or establishing a robust subcontracting strategy – as you would expect, advice is tailored to meet your needs.

Smart Bidding Service Profile

Pre-Contract Support

Kingsfield strives to support its clients at the pre-contract stage through balancing the project risk and commercial reward, within a contractual framework and project plan that exploits strengths whilst minimising weaknesses. We strongly believe in addressing key project issues at a time when they can be dealt with most effectively – prior to contract. We support our clients through critiquing contracts being tendered, through the preparation of bespoke forms of contract, detailed risk analysis, tender preparation and more – all of which need to be consistent with achieving the strategic outcomes for the business.

Planning for Profit

We do not believe that projects make a profit by accident! In an environment of aggressively won contracts, where both the budget and schedule are under strain from the outset, we recommend that projects devise and implement a plan to deliver this profit – and revisit it as events unfold. We facilitate ‘Planning for Profit’ and ‘Planning for Risk’ workshops – for project leaders with emphasis on strategic scenario planning, and for project teams with focus on commercial and contractual risks and awareness. Both workshops benefit from Kingsfield’s dual role as experts in the field of project risk management and as project coaches and facilitators. Clients find that a short workshop is a small investment in the early stages of a project – with the potential to save millions.

Planning for Profit